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Food doesn’t taste better or worse when documented by Instagram. Laughter is as genuine over Skype as it would be sharing a sofa. Pay attention. Take in nature, hold someone’s hand, read a book. But don’t ever apologize for snapping a photo of a sunrise after a hike, or blogging about the excitement of having a crush, or updating your goodreads account. All of these things are good and should be celebrated. Smile at strangers on the sidewalk and like your friends’ selfies. It’s all good for the human spirit.(via internetcallgirl)

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I only cancelled my counselling appointment 2 days ago…bad timing because now I’m not even good enough at home and my anxiety is sky rocketing.


I need to get my shit together. i cant keep crying over shit like this.

Well as a kid I did use to wish my Dad would take his red wine induced bad moods out on me instead of my mom. Wish come true I guess.

We gotta start teaching our daughters to be somebodies instead of somebody’s.Kifah Shah   (via exoticwild)

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Making me jealous will only push me away from you. It won’t make me want you more. I’m not very competitive, if I see someone who’s making you a lot happier than I am, I’ll back up because I’ll assume you want that person a lot more. Although it’ll hurt seeing someone other than me make you happy, I’ll leave it to them to keep you entertained. I don’t like the feeling of being unwanted or being just second best. I’m a very jealous person and I hate it.


Just a friendly reminder that it is completely alright to be kind to yourself so go ahead and sleep that extra 2 hours, take a long shower, throw on your pjs, and watch your favorite movie because you’re fragile and indispensable and you deserve to love yourself



I need feminism; because the bra straps of a twelve year old shouldn’t make a 40 year old married principal with two daughters “uncomfortable”